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Surprising Factors Causing More Delivery Accidents in Texas

 Posted on March 19, 2024 in Uncategorized

Dallas Amazon Delivery Van Crash LawyerDelivery-related accidents are on the rise. Drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians are all more likely to experience a crash involving a delivery driver today than they were even five years ago. Part of this is due to the drastic increase in online shopping. During the pandemic, many stores selling non-essentials closed down or drastically limited their store hours. This forced many patrons to start buying most of their clothing, household items, beauty products, and electronics from online retailers like Amazon or Shein. With so many people doing nearly all their shopping online, this creates a much higher demand for delivery companies like UPS and FedEx. These companies often rely on contractors, rather than regular employees. If you were injured in an accident involving a delivery driver, a Dallas, TX delivery accidents attorney can help. 

Reasons Delivery Accidents Are Increasingly Likely

A few factors that may explain the drastic increase in delivery accidents include: 

  • Rapid demand for new drivers - When the pandemic began, online orders increased exponentially. This meant that delivery agencies suddenly needed a lot more drivers very quickly. This led to the rapid training and hiring of numerous truck drivers, including those who may not have ever been hired for such a position before demand increased. 

  • Package theft - Delivery can be more complicated when drivers must read and follow each client’s specific instructions on where to leave the package so that it is less likely to be stolen by “porch pirates.” Some clients ask packages to be left on the back porch, in a special lock box, or to their apartment complex’s business office. This can slow down delivery, forcing drivers to begin reading directions before pulling up to the client’s home or to drive faster in between stops. 

  • The gig economy - In the past, most delivery drivers were full-time employees. They were familiar with their routes and often worked for the same company for many years, depending on their work for benefits like health insurance. Now, a large number of individuals do part-time delivery work to make ends meet. These part-time or contracted positions may not offer benefits at all, and drivers are less likely to worry too much about the possibility of losing this type of work, as they can easily find a different gig. 

  • The fall of brick-and-mortar stores - Many major retail chains have closed numerous locations, shut down entirely, or switched to online sales only in recent years. 

Delivery accidents are becoming more common. If you experience a car crash involving a delivery vehicle, it is important to seek medical attention and promptly contact a lawyer. 

Contact a Dallas, TX Delivery Vehicle Wrecks Attorney

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