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What Our Clients Say About Us


I was hit a by a driver with no insurance that totalled my car. Luckily I have uninsured motorists insurance and Andrew was able to exploit that to our benefit. I was given a nice 10k check free and clear after the dust settled.

- Elite 4 Champion Josh


Jerry worked diligently to help my husband and I recover, physically and financially, after being struck by a negligent driver. I won't hesitate to call him again, if the need should ever arise. I can't imagine trying to deal with this mess ourselves. He and his team are aggressive and professional, and easily accessible whenever I needed guidance. They handled my case completely and turned a nightmare into a stress-free process.

- Jennifer Minonno


I am very grateful for Mr. Andrews negotiating a settlement with the insured’s automotive liability carrier that exactly matched what I told him my maximum expectations were. In addition, his fee was nominal and the expenses his office charged were minimal. In fact, Mr. Andrews negotiated my settlement without the additional costs of filing a law suit. Add to that, my settlement was delivered to me in a prompt and forthright manner. After negotiating with the insured’s automotive insurance carrier, Mr. Andrews negotiated with my medical insurance provider, Medicare, and had the amount of medical payments I was obligated to reimburse them reduced. In all, the settlement Mr. Andrews negotiated on my behalf was greater than 23 times the medical expense payments my doctors received from Medicare - and that is the truth! I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Andrews to any and all persons who are considering engaging an attorney for a personal injury claim. My family and friends have worked with other attorneys on similar issues in the past but, my settlement was comparatively the best. At stated above, I am grateful for what Mr. Andrews did for me in all respects.

- Joanna

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