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Non-Employees and Delivery Accidents

 Posted on April 24, 2024 in Uncategorized

Dallas, TX delivery driver accident lawyerMany internet-based companies, like Amazon, are increasingly hiring independent contractors to make deliveries. These drivers are not professional drivers or CDL holders in company vehicles. They are everyday people using their own vehicles to deliver a few packages to earn some supplemental income. 

With no professional training and minimal guidance, these drivers set out to do the best they can, dropping off packages in their spare time, usually after finishing their normal workdays. While this can seem like a convenient arrangement for the drivers to make extra money, it can cause problems because the company the independent contractor makes deliveries for may not be liable for the driver’s actions. 

A Dallas, TX delivery vehicle accident attorney can help you determine how to recover compensation after being hit by an independent contractor making deliveries. 

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Surprising Factors Causing More Delivery Accidents in Texas

 Posted on March 19, 2024 in Uncategorized

Dallas Amazon Delivery Van Crash LawyerDelivery-related accidents are on the rise. Drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians are all more likely to experience a crash involving a delivery driver today than they were even five years ago. Part of this is due to the drastic increase in online shopping. During the pandemic, many stores selling non-essentials closed down or drastically limited their store hours. This forced many patrons to start buying most of their clothing, household items, beauty products, and electronics from online retailers like Amazon or Shein. With so many people doing nearly all their shopping online, this creates a much higher demand for delivery companies like UPS and FedEx. These companies often rely on contractors, rather than regular employees. If you were injured in an accident involving a delivery driver, a Dallas, TX delivery accidents attorney can help. 

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The Peril of Driver Fatigue and Delivery Vehicle Accidents

 Posted on February 22, 2024 in Uncategorized

Dallas Driver Vehicle Accident AttorneyDelivery vehicles are a crucial component of our modern economy, ensuring goods reach their destinations efficiently. However, the peril of driver fatigue in these vehicles poses a significant risk to road safety. When delivery drivers are exhausted and overworked, the likelihood of accidents due to fatigue increases dramatically. It is imperative to understand the gravity of this issue and take steps to address and prevent the dangers associated with driver fatigue in delivery vehicle accidents. Remember that if you are in an accident with a fatigued delivery driver, contact a lawyer in Texas for assistance right away.

One of the Leading Causes of Accidents

Driver fatigue is a leading cause of road accidents, with tired drivers exhibiting impaired judgment, slower reaction times, and decreased alertness behind the wheel. In the context of delivery vehicles, drivers are often pressured to make unrealistic delivery quotas and are under the constant pressure of corporate powers to maximize productivity, even if it risks the safety of drivers and others on the road. Combining that with long hours on the road, the risk of fatigue-related accidents is extremely high. Fatigued drivers may struggle to maintain focus, increasing the chances of making critical errors that can lead to collisions, injuries, and even fatalities.

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Compensation Plans Create Hazards for Delivery Drivers

 Posted on January 17, 2024 in Uncategorized

Dallas Commercial Vehicle Accident Injury LawyerUnrealistic compensation plans can have determinantal effects on delivery drivers, leading to hazards that compromise their safety on the road, potentially leading to deadly accidents. If you were injured in an accident with a delivery driver, contacting an attorney in Texas would be wise. Your attorney will examine the circumstances surrounding your accident, including determining the cause of the collision. Your case may have involved a rushing delivery driver trying to deliver packages as fast as they could to earn as much money as possible. In this situation, the driver’s compensation plan may have been a factor in the accident. 

Pressure to Meet Unrealistic Targets

Delivery drivers operating under unrealistic compensation plans often face immense pressure to meet demanding delivery targets. This pressure can lead drivers to resort to reckless driving practices, such as speeding or running red lights, to save time. These dangerous behaviors increase the risk of accidents, not only for the drivers themselves but also for other road users. 

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The Holiday Season and Delivery Driver Accidents

 Posted on December 15, 2023 in Uncategorized

Blog ImageThe holiday season brings joy and excitement, but it also comes with an increased demand for deliveries. Unfortunately, this surge in demand can lead to delivery driver accidents. The causes of these accidents vary. However, corporate greed can play a large role in contributing to overworked drivers during the holiday season, potentially compromising driver safety on the road. If you were in an accident with a delivery vehicle driver in Texas, contact a lawyer, as compensation may be available to you. 

Increased Demand and Overworked Drivers

During the holiday season, companies experience a significant increase in orders driven by online shopping and gift deliveries. To meet this demand, corporations often hire more delivery drivers or push their existing workforce to their limits. The pressure to fulfill orders quickly can result in drivers being overworked, leading to fatigue, stress, and decreased concentration, all of which increase the risk of accidents. 

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Maximizing Your Payout for Negligent Delivery Driver Accidents

 Posted on November 16, 2023 in Uncategorized


Dallas delivery driver accident lawyerBeing injured in an accident with a delivery truck can result in serious injuries and substantial financial losses. It is important to understand your legal rights and options so you can maximize your recovery. A Texas lawyer can help you understand how you can get the most out of your case.

Document the Accident and Your Injuries

If you are able, gather as much evidence and documentation as possible at the scene. Take photos of property damage, injuries, skid marks, and the position of vehicles. Get contact information for witnesses. Write down precisely what happened while it is fresh in your mind. Make sure to follow your doctor's instructions to prove you have been doing what you should for the injury. Keep records of all diagnoses, treatment, expenses, lost wages, and impact on your daily activities.

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The Importance of Documenting a Delivery Vehicle Accident

 Posted on October 26, 2023 in Uncategorized

Dallas Commercial Truck Crash LawyerIn the fast-paced world of consumer delivery services, accidents involving delivery vehicles are an unfortunate reality. Whether it is a minor fender bender or a more serious collision, documenting these accidents is paramount. If you were injured in an accident involving a delivery vehicle, it is important to understand that your rights must be protected. The only way to ensure these rights are protected is by hiring a lawyer to represent you in your Texas accident claim. With your attorney representing you, you can feel confident knowing that your lawyer’s legal guidance will prove to be your guiding light through the entirety of your case.

Top Four Reasons to Document Your Accident 

  1. Determining liability – Documenting a delivery vehicle accident is crucial for the injured party to establish liability. By carefully documenting the incident, including details such as the driver’s information, witness statements, and pictures of the accident scene, injured people can provide compelling evidence to support their injury claim. This documentation becomes the foundation for holding the responsible party accountable for their actions.

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Reasons Companies Are Often At Fault for Vehicle Accidents

 Posted on September 25, 2023 in Uncategorized

TX accident lawyerThe trucking industry provides an invaluable service with deliveries. But unreasonable corporate demands on drivers too often elevate dangers. It is unfortunately not uncommon to see profits over safety contribute to catastrophic delivery truck crashes. Oversight and reform addressing these issues are urgently needed to save lives. Here are some ways that companies are negligently handling the way their employees do deliveries and how a Texas attorney can help.

Unrealistic Delivery Schedules

Unworkable drop-off windows set by corporate dispatchers force truckers into dangerously rushed driving. Turnaround times between hauls often leave minimal opportunity for rest between long shifts. Overtired truckers operating under excessive delivery pressure have slowed reaction times and lapses in judgment. This predictable recipe of fatigue and stress imposed by employers yields catastrophic outcomes.

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Unrealistic Delivery Expectations: A Recipe for Deadly Amazon Delivery Vehicle Accidents

 Posted on August 10, 2023 in Uncategorized

Dallas, TX delivery driver accidentThe demand for efficient and quick deliveries has risen in our fast-paced society and will only keep rising. As a result, Amazon delivery drivers face unrealistic expectations, including tight delivery windows, large package burdens, and other high-pressure demands. Unfortunately, these demands can have serious consequences, leading to potentially deadly delivery vehicle accidents. Today, we will talk about the dangers of unrealistic delivery expectations, the potential risks they pose, and how a personal injury attorney can help you if you have been injured in such an accident. 

The Pressure of Unrealistic Expectations

The rise of online sales and the growing reliance on delivery drivers have placed immense pressure on drivers to meet harder and harder expectations. Companies like Amazon often have strict timeframes and delivery goals, leaving drivers little room for error or accidents. This pressure can lead to drivers engaging in dangerous behaviors, like speeding, running red lights, and disregarding traffic laws to make deliveries on time. 

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Delivery Truck Drivers May be Under Pressure to Skip Mandatory Breaks

 Posted on July 25, 2023 in Uncategorized

Dallas Delivery Truck Crash LawyerEvery industry has rules it must carefully follow. Many industries also have certain rules that are not necessarily followed or enforced. In trucking, there are federal Hours of Service laws set out by the Department of Transportation. The Hours of Service laws govern how often truck drivers must take a break from driving, and how long each break must be. These laws are in place for safety purposes. They are meant to protect the public from the dangers of driver fatigue among CDL drivers, including those who drive trucks for shipping companies like FedEx. They are also meant to protect the truck drivers from being forced into driving long hours without being able to get adequate rest. Unfortunately, not all trucking employers respect these rules. There is a problem among the trucking community with employers encouraging their drivers to continue driving rather than stopping to rest. Fatigued truck drivers are more prone to causing accidents. If you were injured in a truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Talking to an attorney should be your next step. 

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