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Non-Employees and Delivery Accidents

 Posted on April 24, 2024 in Uncategorized

Dallas, TX delivery driver accident lawyerMany internet-based companies, like Amazon, are increasingly hiring independent contractors to make deliveries. These drivers are not professional drivers or CDL holders in company vehicles. They are everyday people using their own vehicles to deliver a few packages to earn some supplemental income. 

With no professional training and minimal guidance, these drivers set out to do the best they can, dropping off packages in their spare time, usually after finishing their normal workdays. While this can seem like a convenient arrangement for the drivers to make extra money, it can cause problems because the company the independent contractor makes deliveries for may not be liable for the driver’s actions. 

A Dallas, TX delivery vehicle accident attorney can help you determine how to recover compensation after being hit by an independent contractor making deliveries. 

How Does Contracted Delivery Work? 

Dedicated delivery companies like UPS hire full-time and part-time CDL holders to drive company trucks. These workers are paid by the hour or paid a salary. Other companies work differently, however. Rather than hiring employees, companies like Amazon may pay individuals per delivery. These individuals normally do not have a set schedule and do not make deliveries as a full-time job. Most independent contractor delivery drivers work a few hours a week as their normal schedule permits. 

Because contracted drivers in personal vehicles do not work for Amazon, the company itself may not be legally liable for accidents they cause while performing their work. Contractors are normally considered self-employed.

Who is Liable When an Independent Delivery Driver Causes an Accident? 

Amazon is normally liable for the actions of its employees, but not its contractors. However, companies who work with independent delivery drivers often provide their contractors with supplemental insurance policies that cover more than the driver’s personal motor vehicle policy might. 

This gives victims of accidents with these drivers two potential sources of compensation. As an independent contractor, the delivery driver - or more likely, his insurance company - is liable for any accidents and injuries he causes. The supplemental insurance policy provided by the company that contracted the driver is likely to cover any expenses not covered by the driver’s personal insurance policy. 

Why Do Companies Use Independent Contractors to Make Deliveries? 

One can safely assume that large corporations like Amazon could hire employees to make deliveries if they wanted to. However, full-time employees would be entitled to certain benefits, like health insurance and family leave. Even part-time employees are entitled to some benefits contractors are not. Additionally, corporations can generally be held accountable when their employees negligently injure others. Thus, the likely answer has to do with corporate greed. 

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